A society to promote, popularise and contribute to the study of European, Islamic, and Asian technology and science of the Middle Ages.


Membership costs twenty pounds a year to cover the cost of notification of events and admission to all talks. Admission to a single talk  is five pounds and is free to students (all-day events may be more and the charge for them will be posted on their announcement), and everyone is welcome. Both are payable at the door (please ask for the membership secretary on arrival), or in advance by cheque made out to:-

The Society for the History of Medieval Technology and Science,

and sent to:

Dr. Julia Cresswell,

3 Wentworth Road,

Oxford OX2 7TG, UK.

...together with your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address. A couple of lines on your work, specialisation, or interests, if relevant, would be helpful.

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(Your details will be used only for notifying you of matters concerning the Society, and will not be divulged to other organisations).

Officers of the Society


Prof. Emilie Savage-Smith, The Oriental Institute, Pusey Lane, Oxford, Oxfordshire, OX1 2LE, UK.



Dr. Shana Worthen


Programme Secretary:


Dr. Julia Cresswell, 3 Wentworth Road, Oxford OX2 7TG, UK. tel. 01865-513912



Philip Cresswell


History of the society

The society was founded in 1987 under the aegis of Alistair Crombie, its first President, with the aim of promoting, popularising and contributing to the study of the technology and science of the Middle Ages (European, Islamic, and Asian).

Since its inception SHMTS has had the following officers:

Presidents: Alistair Crombie, Francis Maddison, Geoffrey Hindley, Emilie Savage-Smith.

Vice-presidents: Jean Gimpel, Francis Maddison.

Secretaries: Geoffrey Hindley, Emilie Savage-Smith, G. M. Helms and S. Ackermann Treasurers: Hans Georg Schneider, Willem Hackmann, Julia M Cresswell.

Activities and affiliations

The Society meets for talks four times a year, alternately in Oxford and London.

In addition to those regular talks, it holds an occasional conference or colloquium organised jointly with bodies having similar interests. These have comprised a collaboration with The Pitt Rivers Museum at Oxford for a colloquium on early musical instruments; a day-long conference in conjunction with the Molinological Society on wind and water power during the Middle Ages, and a colloquium on Islamic science and technology with the Warburg Institute that was held in memoriam Donald Hill whom the SHMTS was proud to number amongst its members, and in October of 1997 a colloquium was held at Imperial College in memoriam two of the Society's founding members: Alistair Crombie and Jean Gimpel. In October 2003, a day-long meeting was held on Early Metallurgy in conjunction with the Society for the History of Alchemy and Chemistry. In October 2007 a one-day symposium was held on Metals and Money in the Middle Ages. In 2013, a daylong seminar of papers was held on Late Medieval and Early Modern Banqueting, Food and Music.

The Society is affiliated to AVISTA in the United States and to the Association de Villard de Honnecourt in France.